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Interviews and profiles of Theremin players.
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"Music From Another Land" by singaporean musician Shueh-li Ong, came as a beautiful surprise for its originality and catchy tunes and brought a wave of freshness in the theremin world. Our review and and an interview with Shueh-li.
by Valerio Saggini May 23, 2007
In this writing, dating from the middle Thirties, Lucie Bigelow Rosen, thereminist and patroness of Léon Theremin himself, describes the technical and musical characteristics of the theremin.
by Lucie Bigelow Rosen May 08, 2007
Eri II is a Japanese singer and thereminist. She received classical voice training and, more recently, she began to learn the theremin. We've had the luck to listen to her charming theremin playing thanks to her uploads in the Thereminvox.com library, then we felt the need to know something more about her.
by Valerio Saggini February 21, 2004
Alexandra Stepanoff was Léon Théremin's first theremin student in the United States. Formerly a concert singer, around the late twenties she moved from Russia to New York where, thanks to the local russian community, she met Léon Théremin.
by Valerio Saggini February 07, 2004
An article about thereminist Juliet Shaw published by The Bridgeport Sunday Post on November 20, 1938.
by Annie Bridge January 27, 2004
"Bud" Averill was the proprietor of a restaurant and an airport in California between late 30s and early 40s. He used to entertain his customers playing the theremin. Alexander Breton has collected information and images on this obscure thereminist.
by Alexander Breton January 27, 2004
A flyer (the exact date of publication is unknown but it dates from the Thirties) promoting thereminist Charles Stein.
November 11, 2002
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