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Looking for a Theremin kit? Want to build a Theremin? Eager for a Theremin schematic? Check these articles and make your Theremin.
Tech Categories:
Over the years, quite a few theremin designs have been drawn. Their quality varies from toy or gadget devices via hobby theremins to carefully designed instruments. I've tried to put each circuit diagram in the appropriate category. A special category is that of the vintage theremins, like the RCA theremin. And then there are, some even modern, vacuum tube theremin designs. You can use these schematic diagrams to build your own theremin or for reference when you wish to design or modify one. However, if you're not experienced in electronics you are probably better off with a theremin kit. (Max Baars)
Tech Articles:
Giorgio Necordi's short report about the making of his transistor theremin.
by Giorgio Necordi October 20, 2006
Steven hasten full report of his incredible work of restoration on The RCA Theremin belonging to Bret Moreland.
by Steven Hasten June 05, 2005
The theremin is played by carefully moving your hands near 2 antennas, one for volume and one for pitch. But how does it work?
by Max Baars December 29, 2004
This document was found by John Snyder during his Caramoor research many years ago. Lucy Rosen maintained two custom theremins made for her by Professor Theremin. The typewritten photocopies John rescued were apparently originally transcribed from shorthand notes.
by Lucie Rosen January 27, 2004
RCA logo.
The RCA 1929 Theremin Service Manual.
by RCA Service Department January 01, 2002
In this article Giorgio Necordi examines the technology behind the Theremin and outlines the differences between tubes and transistor technology. Then he describes his project for a new transistor Theremin.
by Giorgio Necordi February 22, 2001
An article about the construction and operation of the RCA theremin pitch control circuit posted by Reid Welch to the Levnet mailing list in 1998.
by Reid Welch July 10, 1998
RCA theremin technical article posted by Reid Welch to the Levnet mailing list in 1998.
by Reid Welch July 02, 1998
RCA theremin technical notes posted by Reid Welch to the Levnet mailing list in 1997.
by Reid Welch December 28, 1997
Notes about the RCA theremin oscillators posted by Reid Welch to the Levnet mailing list 1997.
by Reid Welch December 25, 1997
by Bob Moog July 21, 1997
by Reid Welch July 21, 1997
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