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TVOX Stories
News about the theremin, electronic music and gestural control technology.
News Articles:
Pamelia Kurstin, a renowned theremin player, will perform tonight at 8 p.m. in the Ohio University School of Music Recital Hall. The free event offers an opportunity to witness the playing of the only instrument ever created that does not require physical contact.
by Lauren Coyle - The Post November 06, 2002
An article about Polygraph Lounge (a duo featuring thereminist Rob Schwimmer) from the New York Times.
by Ben Sisario, The New York Times November 05, 2002
An article about Pamelia Kurstin from ZanesvilleTimesRecorder.com.
by Gi Smith, ZanesvilleTimesRecorder November 05, 2002
For the first time since 1934, Edgard Varèse's Ecuatorial will be performed with its intended instrumentation for two theremin cellos, baritone voice and orchestra.
by TVOX Editorial Staff September 19, 2002
New file uploaded in the Audio Library: a sample of Giorgio Necordi's theremin waveform control.
by Valerio Saggini March 04, 2002
A new file has been uploaded to the Audio Library. It is a sound sample of a new transistor theremin designed by Giorgio Necordi (Italy).
by Valerio Saggini February 25, 2002
A new file has been uploaded to the Audio Library. It's "Rotors of Raga" by BrotherSync (U.S.A.). Prepare for a "sonic adventure" with theremin, synthesizers and helicopters.
by Valerio Saggini February 22, 2002
Lydia Kavina will be special guest at "Icebreaker: New Music from Russia", a festival of contemporary Russian music presented by the Seattle Chamber Players (Seattle, WA - Friday, February 8-Sunday, February 10, 2002).
by TVOX Editorial Staff January 09, 2002
The Theremin Library has been conceived as a central (and permanent) repository for theremin (or theremin-related) materials: audio, video and midi files, text documents, images etc.
by Valerio Saggini June 20, 2001
In the beginning the idea was to set up a small promo site for Lydia Kavina's CD "Concerto per Theremin. Live in Italy". Then we decided to do something more.
by Valerio Saggini and Stefania Belloni June 20, 2001

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