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Léon Théremin
Léon Théremin Articles:
Details on the forthcoming (February 22, 2007) performance LEV TERMEN - L’uomo amplificato (The man amplified)

Dettagli sulla rappresentazione teatrale "LEV TERMEN - L’uomo amplificato" che si terrà il 22 Febbraio 2007 a Molinella (BO)
by Giorgio Necordi February 17, 2007
This article, published by the New York Times on April 26 1967, revealed to the world that Léon Theremin was still alive and caused reaction in the United States. But the consequences were bitter: the inventor's lab at the Moskow conservatory was dismantled and all the instruments destroyed.
by Harold C. Schonberg January 27, 2004
by Leon Theremin November 13, 2003
An article about Léon Theremin's invention appeared in the Literary Digest on October 29, 1927.
by Anonymous October 26, 2002
Reprint of the article appeared in the Literary Digest, on October 1, 1927, describing the lecture-recital that Léon Theremin presented at the international exposition in Frankfurt "Music in the Life of the People" on August 4, 1927.
October 25, 2002
A letter written by Edgard Varèse to Léon Theremin in 1941.
by Edgard Varèse October 09, 2002
Interview conducted in France in 1989, when Leon Theremin (Lev Sergeyevich Termen) first emerged from Russia after 51 years of state arrest.
by Olivia Mattis October 04, 2002
The Birth of the Theremin In the years previous to 1920, a young student, Lev Sergeivitch Termen (a name which was thereafter gallicized to Léon Théremin), built an electronic musical instrument in St. Petersburg.
by TVOX Editorial Staff February 05, 2001
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