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TVOX Stories
Miscellaneous information and reviews of relevant music.
Music Articles:
"Music From Another Land" by singaporean musician Shueh-li Ong, came as a beautiful surprise for its originality and catchy tunes and brought a wave of freshness in the theremin world. Our review and and an interview with Shueh-li.
by Valerio Saggini May 23, 2007
Details on the new album by Clara Rockmore.
December 11, 2006
"The Simpsons vs Star Trek" medley played on theremin, Rhodes electric piano and funnel by a "one man band" nicknamed "culture killer"
by Valerio Saggini September 14, 2006
Cover of "Denshi On" by Eri Ii
Japanese thereminist Eri Ii has released "Denshi On", her first CD.
by Valerio Saggini August 30, 2006
The new CD by the renowned japanese theremin player, will be put on sale on 28th August, 2006 - the 110th birthday of Lev Termen.
by TVOX Editorial Staff August 23, 2006
Review of the first CD of San Francisco lounge band Project:Pimento featuring thereminist Robby Virus.
by Max Baars November 13, 2003
Review of Peter Pringle's first theremin CD.
by Max Baars November 13, 2003
Some notes, images and audio files about Lydia Kavina's live CD.
by Valerio Saggini January 11, 2002
Thanks to Bret Moreland we are now able to hear MP3s of this rare record by Alexander Laszlo featuring Samuel Hoffman on the Theremin. Images of the cover and liner notes also available.
by Valerio Saggini January 09, 2002
Review of Samuel Hoffman's 3-CD set with reprints of seminal theremin albums "Music Out of the Moon", "Perfume Set to Music", and "Music for Peace of Mind".
by Max Baars March 01, 2001
Review of Lydia Kavina's first CD.
by Max Baars February 04, 2001
Review of the first CD by the Lothars.
by Max Baars February 01, 2001
The only album ever recorded by Clara Rockmore, produced by Bob Moog.
by Max Baars February 01, 2001
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