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Theremin-Workshop with Barbara Buchholz in SA Taronja-Andratx-Mallorca.

Press Release

Barbara Buchholz
Barbara Buchholz.
Music And Magic have always been inseparable from one another.

But the magic of the Theremin is unlike any other instrument. Just to play the theremin, one needs an affinity to magic. All other instruments, including the most exotic, are played by touching them, by blowing, bowing, hitting, plucking, scratching or pressing. The Theremin is the only instrument from which sound is enticed without even touching it.

The Berlin-based musician, Barbara Buchholz, first made her name as a jazz musician playing bass, before discovering the Theremin and studying at the Theremin Center in Moscow.

A student of the master classes of Lydia Kavina - a great-niece of the Theremin’s originator Lev Thermen – Barbara Buchholz has retrieved the instrument from oblivion and is finding new uses and applications for it in contemporary music.

Date of Barbara Bucholz`s Performance: Wednesday 11th october, Thuersday 12e and Saturday 21t october.

Workshop A

“First steps with the theremin”. For musicians without any experience of the Theremin. To play the theremin is like singing with your inner voice“. Anyone who loves singing already has the prerequisites.
We will have an instrument available for the workshop.
Mon 9, thu 10 and wen 11 from 17,30-19,30h at the Auditórium of the Music School in Andratx- 60 E.

Workshop B

“First have music in your soul.” (Clara Rockmore)
A seminar for Theremin musicians who already have basic knowledge; ear training, technics for the left and the right hand, phrasing, articulation, special theremin studies.
Fri-Sat 13-14 Oct, 15:00 – 18:00 h Cost: 140€

Workshop C

“Study your Theremin” Studies for Musicians with a sound knowledge of the theremin. Please let us know what piece of music you would like to study.
Wed-Thur 18-19 Oct, 16:00-18:00 Cost: 100€

Ear-training will be practised in all workshops.

Further themes are the history of the theremin, the life of Lev Thermen, compositions for the theremin.

All workshops for group or solo depending on registration.

All the workshops information will be availbale at www.sataronja.net from the middle of september.

Contact: Tina Horne.

Asociación cultural Sa Taronja c/Andalucia 23 07150 Andratx Tel +34 971 23 52 68
CIF: G-07931801


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