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Audio Library
Theremin MP3 files - A public library of Theremin (or Theremin related) audio files (MP3, Wav, Midi etc.).
Audio Library Categories:
Bud Averill
"Bud" Averill was a very obscure Thereminist and the proprietor of a restaurant (late 30's, early 40's?). I am not sure exactly where! I think it was in California. "Bud" used to entertain his customers at "Paradise Cafe" with the Theremin. Oh yeah, Kansas City Steaks and Georgia Fried Chicken were their specialty! I believe he also collaborated with other musicians on "West Of The Wasatch", and "Our Bambino", a musical tribute to Babe Ruth... -Alexander Breton
Claude-Samuel LEVINE
Audio files by french ondiste and thereminist Claude-Samuel LEVINE.
Audio files by japanese thereminist ERI II.
Howard Mossman
Audio files by Howard "Uncle Howie" Mossman.
Samples of Luigi Russolo's Intonarumori.
Kip Rosser
Lennington Shewell
Lennington Heppe Shewell was the son of RCA's Musical Instrument Division marketing director. He was involved in the RCA marketing effort to promote the theremin.
Lydia Kavina
MP3 and midi files by (or related to) Lydia Kavina.
In this area registered users (registration is free) can upload their audio or midi files.
Samuel Hoffman
Audio files by Samuel Hoffman.
Scott Marshall
Audio files by Scott Marshall.
Theremin Samples
Theremin sound samples.
Audio Library files:
Title Uploaded Size Owner
Grand Máster Theremin (ou a Celebração de Santo Léon pelo vale do Silício)
Aparelhagem Malk Espanca
06.03.2011 1.69 MB Tiago Malta Info
apenas uma canção
Adaggio of El Concierto De Aranjuez Excerpt
Jairo Moreno (Original Composer: Joaquin Rodrigo)
03.24.2005 1.21 MB Jairo Moreno Info
Theremin solo.
Aint Misbehavin
Chris Ransome
03.11.2005 1.21 MB Chris Ransome Info
Played on Etherwave
Caccini - Ave Maria
Composer: Giulio Caccini - Thereminist: Giorgio Necordi
04.30.2007 3.48 MB Giorgio Necordi Info
A rendition of Giulio Caccini's Ave Maria played on my custom theremin.


Cows Playing The Theremin
Dr. Theremin
02.13.2005 1.55 MB Trevor Tomesh Info
One of my first pieces... what would it sound like if cows played the theremin? (Forgive me!)
crema di mente
12.15.2002 1.40 MB giovanni giovannini Info
psyco rock analogic lover
Eliot Fintushel
09.26.2007 2.03 MB Eliot Fintushel Info
Variations over a simple loop.
Symphonic Fish
Composer: Václav Trojan. Thereminist unknown.
08.20.2002 252.25 KB Scott Marshall Info
Excerpt from the 1948 Czechoslovakian film "The Emperor's Nightingale" featuring the singing of the "Symphonic Fish," which is possibly a theremin solo. Some think it may be an Ondes Martinot. Copyright Kratky Film.
10.16.2006 5.42 MB Mike Browning Info
Electronic loops and samples with 2 Theremins
Eliot Fintushel
10.25.2007 2.38 MB Eliot Fintushel Info
Aired on KRCB radio September, 2007. Recorded during break at theremin performance at the Sonoma County Art Museum.
Eliot Fintushel
10.23.2007 1.19 MB Eliot Fintushel Info
Hoagie Carmichael's SKYLARK on Etherwacve Pro with assistance from an actual skylark.
10.24.2007 2.00 MB Eliot Fintushel Info
Fintushel on theremin and voice
Bruit Electronique
Madam Absolut
10.30.2003 1.17 MB Madam Absolut Info
Happy Halloween! "Electronic Noise" from the drunken thereminist.
Jairo Moreno
03.24.2005 3.20 MB Jairo Moreno Info
This is my first piece composed for Theremin. It combines Theremin, guitar, bass guitar, flute and an some Elektron SidStation tracks (a 8bit synthesizer with the same soundchip that the Commodore64) I hope you'll enjoy it!
09.29.2007 409.89 KB Eliot Fintushel Info

I played this little Elizabethan (Jacobian?) ditty using a variety of articulation techniques, but especially to demonstrate the utility of a fanning motion with the fingers across the edge of the volume loop field to achieve a crisp plucked sound (when that seems desirable.) Listen especially to the first note and to the leading notes of the first few little phrases.

Shouldn't this technique become a standard for theremin players?

Lucy Bigelow Rosen interview 1938 (restored)
Lucy Bigelow Rosen
11.27.2006 2.42 MB Valerio Saggini Info
Bret Moreland's audio restoration of the Lucie Bigelow Rosen recording (uploaded last year by Jessica Hummel) of her speaking in the East Indies. Bret used the source uploaded by Jessica Hummel on this website, and reduced the impulse noise, and continuous noise. Thanks Bret.
Moment of Moog
Ken Soper
09.10.2006 629.70 KB Valerio Saggini Info
“Sometimes it feels as if he is still here; other times, he is sorely missed. One year ago his fate was sealed and the finality of his death certainly gave all of us pause. The ‘Moment of Moog’ is our way of honoring the tens of thousands of musicians who carry Bob’s legacy forward,” reflected Mike Adams, President, Moog Music.
Chopin Nocturne
Chris Ransome
03.16.2005 5.03 MB Chris Ransome Info
Recorded on Etherwave theremin
Roger Ballenger
10.27.2004 2.44 MB Roger Ballenger Info
Just in time for Halloween. I wrote this to be a nice cross between effects and "real" playing. I hope you enjoy it.
BTW, this selection is played on my Wavefront Classic with the optional air coil. Gene Segal makes a very fine instrument. I highly recommend it!
Roger Ballenger

Ted Matson
03.04.2003 2.00 MB Ted Matson Info
Three Theremins play to a hard beat. I made this using a Theremin, 4 track tape recorder,Yamaha keyboard, and Uher 4000 .
O Holy Night
David Hunter
12.14.2007 1.58 MB David Hunter Info

Panis Angelico
David Hunter
12.10.2007 2.51 MB David Hunter Info
In memory of William Que, a gentle genius.

Perfect sin
10.16.2006 3.46 MB Mike Browning Info

Lucy Bigelow Rosen interview 1938
Philips East Indies broadcasting
03.24.2005 1.81 MB Jessica Hummel Info
Interview for the Dutch Philips East Indies Broadcasting station (PHOHI) with Lucy Bigelow Rosen, app. 1938. No music, alas.
[Dutch visitors, see http://www.vpro.nl/programma/deavonden/afleveringen/15960356/]

Rotors of Raga
02.21.2002 6.25 MB Valerio Saggini Info
This piece features Theremin by David Miller, Korg synths by Bryan Helm, Huey Helicopters and Moog synths by me. I have long loved the variety of sounds that Hueys make. This piece is centered around a field recording of several Hueys flying, sometimes passing within 30 feet of my binaural microphones (on my head). This is not exactly a song, consider it a 'sonic adventure'. Thanks to David Miller for collaborating with us on this with the haunting melody line he composed and played. (Bret Moreland)
Schubert - Ave Maria
Composer: Franz Schubert - Thereminist: Giorgio Necordi
05.21.2007 2.13 MB Giorgio Necordi Info
A short rendition of Franz Schubert's Ave Maria played on my custom theremin.
Freddie & the Hitch-Hikers
08.20.2002 2.48 MB Aaron Jarvis Info
Strange, eerie stroll from an obscure Midwest (?) combo circa 1961. An unknown (and presumably unskilled) theremin player adds echoey ambience throughout. This may very well be the first instance of theremin being used in a rock-n-roll context, a good 5 or more years before Beefheart or Lothar. Later covered (sans theremin) by the Cramps.
Ted Matson
02.24.2003 2.88 MB Valerio Saggini Info
Made when it was snowing.
The Lark
Composer: Mikhail Glinka. Thereminist: Alexander Breton
04.28.2003 2.25 MB Alexander Breton Info
This is just a short clip of myself playing "The Lark" by Mikhail Glinka. I used a vintage Electro-Harmonix golden throat tube box to try to make the Theremin sound more vocal, just for fun! It kind of backfired in my face in this recording, however this is an interesting combination... This was my first attempt recording this way. I have been experimenting with Throat-Tube-Theremin for some time and it is amazing what can be done. More coming soon!
Gymnopedie #1 (Satie)
J Jacobson
03.08.2005 1.70 MB J Jacobson Info
There aren't many recordings of the Paia Theremax on the web, so I made this quick recording to give an idea of the sound and playability. The Theremin was run through a Lexicon reverb unit on this recording.
09.29.2008 3.46 MB Pekka Lunde Info
PEKKANINI - Swedish composer/musician with theremin as speciality. Has made records and toured around Scandinavia with rockgroups since 1975 and composes music for the theater stage. Plays and composes music for the theremin. Pekkanini has now more than 100 000 video views on YouTube: www.youtube.com/Pekkanini55" He also has songs on Myspace:www.myspace.com/pekkanini. At the theremin-site Theremin Connection he is one of the selected artists in "Feature Artist Section".
The Christmas Song
David Hunter
12.09.2007 2.24 MB David Hunter Info
Played on my 126 Art Harrison Theremin.

Time In My Hands
Norrin Radd
09.05.2003 3.51 MB Gandulf Hennig Info
I have used the Theremin on my albums Where She Danced (2001) and Monsters And Angels (2002). It is played by the Berlin-based artist Caroline Siegers. The Theremin solo starts at 2:57. It was played on a Longwave Elysian Theremin.
04.30.2004 106 B eri ii Info
http://www.theremin.org/e/ LINK to MUSIC PAGE
Eliot Fintushel
09.26.2007 2.30 MB Eliot Fintushel Info
Once through and press "save."
Space Cruiser Yamato/Star Blazers
04.30.2004 104 B eri ii Info
From the Hiroshi Miyagawa composed "Japanimation" Space Cruiser Yamato / Star Blazers symphony - a suite overture http://www.theremin.org/

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