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Gestural Control Technology (18)
Gestural Control Technology Links (1-18/18):
Alesis airFX
Alesis page about AirFX. (Hits: 1363)
Alesis airFX
Mix magazine review of Alesis airFX. (Hits: 2081)
Alesis AirFX review - Sound On Sound magazine
Paul White of Sound On Sound magazine reviews the Alesis AirFX. (Hits: 561)
David Merrill
(Hits: 1928)
Design of Virtual Three-dimensional Instruments for Sound Control (ResearchIndex)
An environment for designing virtual instruments with D geometry has been prototyped and applied to real time sound control and design. It enables a sound artist, musical performer or composer to design an instrument according to preferred or required gestural and musical constraints instead of cons (Hits: 1667)
Electronic Music Interfaces
An essay by Joseph Paradiso of MIT Media Lab. (Hits: 1185)
Interpolated mappings for musical instruments
A rigorous terminology for mapping gestural inputs to acoustical outputs, tested on a motion- and pitch-tracked electric violin. The heavy math is optional -- an open-source implementation of the interpolator hides the icky details. (Hits: 1055)
Korg Kaoss Pad
Korg UK page about the Kaoss Pad. (Hits: 1944)
Review appeared in SOUND ON SOUND magazine Vol.14 No.10. August 1999 (click "SOS Revies" on the left menu). (Hits: 1173)
Mapping Human Gesture into Electronic Media
Interview with Mark Coniglio, co-founder of New York based dance theater group "Troika Ranch". (Hits: 1200)
Michel Waisvisz text and image archive
Michel Waisvisz is known for his music shows using The Hands, a gestural sensor instrument he developed at the STEIM foundation in Amsterdam. (Hits: 1218)
PowerGlove Information
How to interface the Mattel PowerGlove with a Mac computer and use them to generate MIDI data. Kind of a Theremin. (Hits: 1099)
Raylab provides multimedia solutions for wide range of applications using fusing media, lasers, electronics, optics, computers, sensors, and microcontroller technology. (Hits: 960)
Review of the Korg Kaoss Pad
Review by TweakHeadz Lab. (Hits: 981)
The Fuzz Probe
The Fuzz Probe is a kind of cross between a theremin and a fuzz factory. (Hits: 1122)
Theremini emulates a theremin using the speaker in Palm devices or by sending out MIDI messages to control external hardware. (Hits: 1793)
Toward an Understanding of Musical Gesture: Mapping Expressive Intention with the Digital Baton
M.S. Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, June 1996 by Teresa Anne Marrin. (Hits: 1276)
TroikaTronix creates software and hardware tools designed for artists who want to incorporate digital media into their live performances or installations. All of these tools have been created by composer and media artist Mark Coniglio for use in the performances of the media intensive dance theater group Troika Ranch, which he co-directs. (Hits: 1020)

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