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Community Links (1-10/10):
Usenet newsgroup about the theremin. (Hits: 843)
Levnet -- Friends of the Theremin
Levnet mailing list was created in order to provide a place in Cyberspace for the discussion of the Theremin. The list was named after the inventor of the theremin, Lev Termen (a.k.a. Leon Theremin). From this page - hosted at korrnet.org - it is possible to subscribe/unsubscribe, access archives, view the subscribers list. (Hits: 1128)
The Theremin Web Ring
Webring founded by Jason Barile to provide quick access to several theremin-related pages. (Hits: 1917)
Theremin Enthusiasts Club International
The Theremin Enthusiasts Club International is a loosely organized association of theremin builders and players. Includes links to other sites, a membership list, a bulletin board and the "Theremin Bible", a set of documents about the theremin. (Hits: 1268)
Theremin Hispano.com
La web en espaņol del instrumento que se toca... sin tocarlo. (Hits: 1558)
Theremin Tech Forum
Bulletin Board dedicated to all aspects of theremin building. (Hits: 1996)
Theremin World
Founded and maintained by Jason Barile, Thereminworld is the most famous site - and one of the most reliable - about the theremin. Includes news, message boards, instructional resources for playing and building theremins, a photo gallery, the Theremin Registry and a shop section. (Hits: 1521)
Yahoo! Groups : Theremin
Yahoo! low traffic discussion group for vintage electronic instruments and recordings. (Hits: 1034)
Yahoo! Groups : Thereminland
Yahoo! group once used by Levnet mailing list members to share audio and image files. (Hits: 1065)
Yahoo! Groups : thetheremin
Yahoo! low traffic discussion group about the theremin. (Hits: 1008)

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