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Recordings (19)
Recordings Links (1-19/19):
Brain In A Box - The Sci Fi Collection
5-CD box set packed with 113 tracks, including scores and songs from original movie and television series' soundtracks, sci-fi-themed pop and novelty songs. (Hits: 1424)
Sells records by percussionist and thereminist Gino Robair. (Hits: 870)
Clara Rockmore: "The Art of the Theremin"
Clara Rockmore CD produced by Bob Moog. (Hits: 1214)
Claude-Samuel Levine: Musique de notre Future...
A CD by french thereminist and ondiste Claude-Samuel Levine. (Hits: 977)
Discography of Theremin Works
Theremin discography at Leonardo Online, compiled by Matthias Sauer. (Hits: 1252)
Electro-Acoustic Music from the Theremin Center
CD Review: Electro-Acoustic Music from the Theremin Center Mrs. Lenin (SoLyd - Russia - 1995). In italian. (Hits: 795)
Fay Lovsky Basta Music Discography.
Discography of Fay Lovski at Basta Music. (Hits: 1493)
HYP RECORDS/Odd Pop: Theremin
Theremin discography at Odd Pop, a Hyp Records guide. (Hits: 1190)
Contains the "Concerto for THEREMIN and orchestra" (Anis Fuleihan) with Clara Rockmore, soloist and Leopold Stokowski, conductor. (Hits: 1480)
L'amour c'est d'l'ouvrage
Features Peter Pringle on theremin. (Hits: 862)
Lydia Kavina: Concerto per Theremin
Lydia Kavina's live CD produced by Teleura. (Hits: 845)
Mainstream Meets the New Music
Review of Randy Sandke and the Inside Out Jazz Collective CD "Nagel Heyer" featuring Scott Robinson on the theremin. (Hits: 860)
Review of Clara Rockmore's: "The Art of the Theremin"
Review by Max Baars. (Hits: 1145)
Review of Lothars "Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas"
Review by Jeff Berkwits for Scifi.com. (Hits: 766)
Review of Lydia Kavina's "Music From The Ether"
Review by Peter Pringle. (Hits: 1220)
Review of Rob Schwimmer's "Theremin Noir"
At Moog Music. (Hits: 3873)
Rob Schwimmer: Theremin Noir
Rob Schwimmer is a thereminist/ pianist/ composer, based in New York and working in various genres including jazz, rock, funk, avant-garde, theatre and film music. (Hits: 757)
The Wavebenders:"Surfin' Christmas"
A collection of Christmas songs featuring Fay Lovsky on the theremin. (Hits: 926)
Triolid: "Ur lamento"
Review of CD by french trio featuring Laurent Dailleau on theremin. (Hits: 1161)

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