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Robert Moog (20)
Robert Moog Links (1-20/20):
An Interview with Bob Moog
An interview with Bob Moog by Maurizio Erman Mansueti and Luca “Luke” Cirillo, members of the italian lounge band The Transistors, an ensemble that includes, of course, a Moog Music Theremin. (Hits: 1691)
Bob Moog & Raymond Scott
Article about Raymond Scott by Bob Moog. (Hits: 1326)
Bob Moog - Personal Site
Personal Site of Bob Moog. It was conceived of by Bob Moog as a way to share information about himself with people around the world but he passed away before the site was launched. Many of the articles and pictures contained in the archives were part of his personal collection. His daughter Michelle and son in-law Joseph worked with his direction to obtain the rights to articles and photos. His express desire was to help students, engineers, musicians, reporters, and others interested in the art and science of electronic music to learn more about his personal history. (Hits: 1174)
Dr. Robert A. Moog
Some pictures of Dr. Robert A. Moog at the Music Fair in Gothenburg, October 18th-19th 1996. (Hits: 2180)
Excerpt from Interview with Robert Moog
Interview with Robert Moog. From Incredibly Strange Music Vol. II (ReSearch). (Hits: 1834)
Fresh Air: Robert Moog
Radio interview with Bob Moog. (Hits: 2335)
Bob Moog talks to Clive Williamson. (Hits: 2017)
Interview with Robert Moog
Conducted by J. Munnshe for Amazing Sounds. (Hits: 1205)
An article about Bob Moog published on KurzweilAI.net in the occasion of the awarding of the 2002 Technical GRAMMY Award. (Hits: 1925)
Moog Archives
Rare photos and historic documents regarding Moog Synthesizers, Theremins, the Factories and People. (Hits: 1543)
Moog History
History of R.A. Moog, Inc. at Synthmuseum.com. (Hits: 1343)
Moog Resources
A collection of Moog synthesizer resources. (Hits: 1302)
A collection of Moog resources at Synthzone.com. (Hits: 996)
Images from the Polar Music Prize Ceremony 2001. Include an audio stream of Bob Moog describing the theremin. (Hits: 2452)
Robert Moog
Salon.com's article about Bob Moog. (Hits: 1214)
Robert Moog and The Moog Synthesiser
(Hits: 2133)
Robert Moog interview
Interview by Billy Bob Hargus (March 1997). (Hits: 1184)
The Moog Synthesizer
Describes the UCSC Modular Moog. (Hits: 1211)
The Theremin
A brief theremin history written by Bob Moog. (Hits: 1814)
ZU33 - moog
Presentation and trailer of trailer for "Moog" a movie about Bob Moog. (Hits: 2087)

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