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Technical Reference (596)
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A Tube-Type Theremin Construction Project
Discusses the possibility, from a technical point of view, to build a new tube theremin. (Hits: 3666)
Art's Theremin Page
Lots of theremin technical information and schematics. (Hits: 2838)
Audio World - Home Theater, Hi-Fi, Pro Audio, MP3, Music Industry
News and information for audio enthusiasts and audio professionals, with daily news digests, product reviews and annotated search listings and links. (Hits: 1150)
Clara Rockmore theremin service notes
Levnet post by Reid Welch concerning theremin adjustment instructions written by Bob Moog for Clara Rockmore at the time he revived Clara's custom theremin in 1989. (Hits: 2162)
Clara Rockmore's Theremin Dimensions
Clara Rockmore's theremin dimension as measured by Reid Welch. (Hits: 2337)
Clara Rockmore's Theremin Schematics
Clara Rockmore's Theremin Schematics drawn by Bob Moog. (Hits: 2454)
Digital Audio: Applied MIDI, part I
(Hits: 1247)
Fred Nachbaur's Theremin Exploits!
Fred Nachbaur's contributions to the world of Theremin design, construction and use. (Hits: 1374)
Go2Audio Directory - Audio and Music Related Sites
Internet's biggest directory of audio and music related web sites. The directory currently includes 10,470 sites organized by category and annotated so that you can find what you need quickly. (Hits: 1104)
How to Build a Theremin
Technical info about how to build a theremin. (Hits: 4196)
Music and Noise
An article taken from the book "Electronic Gadgets for the Constructor" (1953). (Hits: 1058)
Music Machines: Theremin
Theremin schematics. (Hits: 2279)
Of the Theremin and Futurist Stringed Instrument Making
In this article Giorgio Necordi examines the technology behind the Theremin and outlines the differences between tubes and transistor technology. Then he describes his project for a new transistor Theremin. (Hits: 1256)
Plate to Plate - one transistor theremin
A very simple theremin circuit. (Hits: 2271)
RCA Theremin Cabinet Dimensions
RCA dimensions, as measured by Charlie Lester on dave weiner's theremin. (Hits: 1637)
Results of Search in Experimental Musical Instruments Website
(Hits: 1171)
Russ Audio
An excellent resource on audio, valve electronics and guitar amplifiers, this site features a section devoted to the theremin (history, DIY valve theremin project, virtual theremins). (Hits: 1262)
Sito interamente dedicato a questo incredibile strumento ed al suo inventore
Web site of theremin designer Giorgio Necordi. Contains technical information, photographs and samples. (Hits: 1038)
The NI/UK Theremin Constructors Home Page
Information on Theremin Construction. (Hits: 1487)
The Theremin Revealed
Internals of Big Briar series 91 theremin. (Hits: 1305)
Theremin - Build your own
A collection of links compiled by Bob Sexton. (Hits: 3888)
Theremin Kit Report
How to assemble the Paia Theremax theremin. (Hits: 2363)
Theremin Samples MP3s
MP3 audio samples of various theremin models. (Hits: 2277)
Theremin Sound Samples
Miscellaneous theremin sound samples. (Hits: 1203)
Theremin Tech Forum
Bulletin Board dedicated to all aspects of theremin building. (Hits: 1996)
Thereminvox Tech Section
Tech info, schematic diagrams to build a theremin etc. (Hits: 1988)
Understanding the Theremin
The theremin, how it works, how to build it. Includes sound and pictures. (Hits: 2454)
University of Glasgow Theremin Projects
Schematics from the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Glasgow. (Hits: 1639)

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