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Theremin Related Instruments (1192)
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Mike's Homemade Tannerin (Electro-Theremin)
Mike Beauchamp explains why and how he has built a Tannerin. Includes photographs. (Hits: 2371)
Musical Saw - the accoustic version of the theremin
Musical saw - the accoustic predecessor of the theremin. History, sound samples. (Hits: 1315)
(Hits: 898)
The Paul Tanner Electro-Theremin Page
Very comprehensive site about the Electro-Theremin, maintained by David Miller. Includes news, faqs, an interview with Paul Tanner, Tanner's biographical sketch, discography (with real audio samples), technical information and information about the Tannerin, a new theremin-like instrument based on Paul Tanner's late 1950s instrument, designed by David Miller and Tom Polks. (Hits: 1253)
Therevox - Custom Electronic Musical Instruments
Custom Made Electro-Theremin (tannerin) Musical Instruments By Mike (Hits: 5920)
Tom Polk
Tom Polk builds Tannerins (Electro Theremin). (Hits: 2219)

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