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Andrei Filippovich Pastchenko
Andrei Filippovich Pastchenko biography from Bob Sexton's web site. (Hits: 1124)
Anis Fuleihan
Anis Fuleihan biography from Bob Sexton's web site. (Hits: 1463)
Christian Wolff
Christian Wolff biography and musical samples. (Hits: 935)
Claude-Samuel Lévine
C.S. Lévine composes for Ondes and Theremin, and also plays these instruments. Include musical samples, list of works, concerts... (Hits: 1055)
Elizabeth Brown
(Hits: 1889)
Ferde Grofe
Ferde Grofe biography from Bob Sexton's web site. (Hits: 1715)
Ira Kraemer
Official web site. Includes biography, a dissertation, some articles, a list of composition. (Hits: 847)
Jorge Campos
Biographical note and list of works. (Hits: 804)
Kiyoshi Furukawa
Includes biography and list of works. (Hits: 1089)
Olga Neuwirth
Includes biography, list of works and some articles. Only in german. (Hits: 845)
Petros Theodorou
Includes infromation about "Tribute to Leon": a suite for Theremin, prerecorded music, and dancer. (Hits: 811)
Theremin Vox: Art, Technology & Gesture
A web site about the Theremin, other theremin-related musical instruments, gestural control technology, telematic art, electronic arts. Articles, images, MP3s etc. (Hits: 1948)

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