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Theremin links. And also Ondes Martenot and other electronic musical instruments links.
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Barbara Buchholz
Official web site of german professional thereminist and teacher Barbara Buchholz. Contains bio, tour dates, projects information, discography. The site is bilangual (german english). (Hits: 686)
Clara Rockmore's Lost Theremin Album
Details on the new album by Clara Rockmore as posted by Steve Sherman on the Levnet mailing list. (Hits: 812)
Design and Implementation of the 1st Theremin Concert for Aliens
(Hits: 1445)
Good Vibrations
An article about the theremin by Paul Tonks on Amazon.co.uk. Includes a brief interview to Lydia Kavina. (Hits: 1148)
Interview with Matt Schultz of Lab Report
In this interview Matt Schultz explains why he prefers not to use the theremin. (Hits: 1393)
Introduction guide to Theremin
Introduction to the theremin by Victor Estrada. Only in spanish. (Hits: 1093)
Museu de la Música
Museu de la Música of Barcelona gathers nearly five-hundred instruments from various periods and cultures, a collection that is considered one of the most important in Spain. Structured into various fields and with audiovisual materials −music, images and text− the Museu de la Música invites visitors to acquaint themselves with the world of music in a direct and experiential way and to discover how throughout history, humankind has used music as a vehicle for communication and expression. (Hits: 445)
Scifi.com Fan Bar: It's the Theremin!
Scifi.com article about the theremin. Includes audio samples and links. (Hits: 2070)
Technology and the Future of Music
New Music Box interview to Tod Machover. (Hits: 1477)
The Last Terpsitone on Earth
Lydia Kavina owns the only surviving Terpsitone in the world: it was built for her by Léon Théremin in 1978. Some photographs and information about this instrument. (Hits: 3044)
The Pianola and the Theremin: a Strange Combination
Article about the theremin from the "The Pianola News". Includes information about the Aeolian-RCA #503 theremin. (Hits: 1458)
The Theremin
A brief theremin history written by Bob Moog. (Hits: 1814)
Theremin Buzz
Hot Wired's review of Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey. (Hits: 1600)
Theremin MP3s
Lots of theremin MP3s. (Hits: 3849)
Theremin Vox: Art, Technology & Gesture
A web site about the Theremin, other theremin-related musical instruments, gestural control technology, telematic art, electronic arts. Articles, images, MP3s etc. (Hits: 1948)
Theremin World
A complete resource for theremin information. Music, books, kits, schematics, pictures, etc. (Hits: 2285)
Theremin, an Electronic Odissey
Japanese site for Steven Martin's movie. Only in japanese. (Hits: 1391)
Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey
Review of Steven Martin's movie "Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey". (Hits: 1428)

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